Ernesto Mora, is a Costa Rican Audiovisual Producer, who has been creating electronic music since 2011.

After many years of experimentation he has started to dive deeper into cinematographic music and short films. Joining forces with new allies on the animation, film and advertising world.
The Discovery, explores a world rich in textures and sounds. I’ve chosen to limit the use of harmonies to specific sections, focusing primarily on showcasing pure sound design.
Texture and Sound Design playful
Sound Design Ad showcase, with special care over the game of textures between motion graphics and music. This idea is composed for exposing ways to play music in advertising motion graphic campaigns.  

I found myself very inspired over the way Nike was using this style of music to create their Air-Max series campaigns. The music was composed as a sound score, following the video editing and kind of both evolved from that communication. 

NEW ALBUM 2023 Cinematic Music – 3 track journey of experimental fusion between Electronic music and Orchestral arrangements
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